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"the passing of our only love"
AshaLo© J. Isobel De Lisle photography

☽Twisted Disturbed Beautiful☾

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Suspenders make me feel good.

DAMN you look good!




What Harajuku Girls Look Like These Days
New video about modern Japanese decora
fashion by Refinery29! We helped to connect the producers with the Harajuku kids for this video. I’m very happy that they treat the subculture - and the people in it - with respect. We never know how things will turn out when we connect foreign media to Harajuku subcultures, but this one is well done. Please check out the video!

This honestly was such a good watch! It is always a bit scary sometimes when people do informational pieces on fashions like decora because you worry how they are going to perceive it but I can honestly say this was a good piece. It was so nice to see how the japanese decora cuties feel about their fashion and it was also cool that they compared it to how decora originally looked when it began. I guess Im just so glad that decora is a fashion thats still alive and kicking (even if its just in small groups) because its a fashion that makes me so extraordinarily happy. 

A great watch! Brought me back to the FRUiTS livejournal days <3

Kurebayashi is such a cutie i’m gonna faint ; w ;
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